About the Dichotomy

First, came the coffee. We felt coffee should be done a certain way. That’s where specialty coffee comes in. “Specialty” is a qualifier that denotes coffee with unique profiles and traceability to its origins; coffee that has been roasted with attention and care. Then we exert maximum control over each variable in the process, so we brew a cup that is true to the intention of the grower and roaster.

Each of us had that one cup of coffee at some point that changed the whole way we think about coffee and what it could be. We hope our patrons have that same experience as a side effect of our devotion to specialty coffee.

Our coffee aspirations were clear and spirits seemed like the perfect partner to complete the business. The bar side of Dichotomy has a dedication to quality and craft drinks that is parallel to the coffee side. And there’s even more creativity allowed as we make our own bitters and experiment with new flavor combinations.

The marriage of specialty coffee and craft spirits is one that is just starting to pop up around the country. It’s all about beverages and about flavor and we believe there’s a wealth of opportunities to be creative with interplay between coffee and alcohol. It’s an area we’ve just begun to explore with drinks like our signature Old Fashioned, which features our cold brew.

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